Marvis Classic Toothpaste Review

European products are lovely so go ahead a give our ancestors some credit since most of us Americans can some how trace our bloodline back to the old country, ay? Magnificent  Marvis definitely restores Italians to the pre-Sopranos era although I often do think of the Orbit Gum (Wrigley, American.) chick when trying to find my Marvis "voice" and I can't get the image of the Q Brothers brushing their teeth with Marvis in their review video of Marvis Jasmin Mint toothpaste! If you haven't seen it, here it is
Definitely not Beautiful!

I would like to explore what attracts women to Marvis. It definitely leans more towards a masculine brand. The strong mint factor, the "steel" look of the packaging and the graphic of a traditional man of an early era. Considering that Marvis is manufactured by the creator/makers of Proraso shaving products, it also goes to reason that they would just expand on their catering of male toiletries.

 What brand that is equally strong in purpose would be the feminine match to Marvis? Rembrandt possibly, although American. It is made by Johnson & Johnson. It is evident that the makers of Marvis have attempted to soften its brand a bit to gain more of the female market by adding Jasmine and Ginger - obviously things that women care about more than men.  Ok, ok, except for the Q Brothers! Yet, I still keep confusing Marvis with Orbit! Maybe Orbit should make  toothpaste and Marvis should produce a gum!

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