Deva Curl -3 Step Review | Birchbox Unboxing

After 3 Step DevaCurl and a light blow-dry
 I already said this was my favorite item in my May Birchbox but did I tell you why?  If it isn't obvious already, I have curly hair and DevaCurl is for curly hair Divas! 

I have never used a No-Poo Cleanser before so I was a tab bit intimidated with the actual application process and the reality of if it would actually CLEAN my hair. What helped me with going through the DevaCurl process was their website, which features instructional videos on how to "do it yourself". 

After applying the product and following the instructions, I was at easy with the results. My hair felt good but my verdict was not necessarily final. I was surprised that a package this size would cover my entire head of hair and it was hard to tell without the "lathering" effect as to if I had successful saturated my hair with the product.  Surprise, I was actually able to get to applications out of the One Condition Ultra Creamy Daily Conditioner sample! I think this is because of the No-Poo Cleanser being so much like a conditioner instead of a lather shampoo. Once I finished applying the condition, I typically comb my hair in the shower. I found that I shed less hair tun usual which literally means one strand instead on three. 


Here is the tricky part. I hate "gel" so I was a bit reluctant to use the Light Defining Gel because I thought it might make my hair hard and that would really frustrate me walking around with crunchy hair all day. However, I wanted to be able to give an unbiased opinion about the whole sample and so I took one for the team (so to speak), ha! I was able to use four applications of the gel. I think that was simple because I was very conservative about over doing it. 

The highlights of this product are the elimination of harmful chemicals such as sulfate, paraben and silicon. In the process of using this product I realized that DevaCurl isn't necessarily for every women with curly hair. It is definitely made for women with a finer texture of curly to medium coarse curly hair. As for me, I would definitely need more time using the product to say I would be committed to it long term. I would like to test out some different No-Poo shampoos to get a different perspective. The One Condition Ultra Creamy Daily Conditioner has definitely made my "full size" shopping list. The verdict is still out on Light Defining Gel.


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