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If you have something you think would help people learn about your product or use your product better all you have to do is send at least one non-returnable sample along with a media kit and complete the form below.

It is true, that I review “Everything” but I should mention that my slogan does come with limitations! If you have junky, out-of-date products, please do not send them to me. If you are offering a scam-like service, please do not ask me to try your service and recommend it to my audience.

I spend a lot of time with each product, trying them on, wearing them and using them in different ways to see what works best. I often ask my friends and colleagues to try them or ask their opinion about how the product looks, feels, etc. I simply want my readers to know if the product is worth their hard earned money, if it will make their life better or happier in some way. 

My reviews are Honest, Fun and Informative
I try to to expand beyond the basic knowledge of the product, like what you can read on the back of the box. I take photos of the product throughout its use and sometimes video. What’s awesome for you is that, the exposure for your product doesn’t stop with the Daisi Jo Reviews blog, as a professional model/beauty queen, I’m a walking billboard. In addition, my reviews are heavily marketed in numerous channels beyond my blog. I do press releases, have a review video channel on Youtube, Facebook Fan Page, numerous mentions on my Twitter stream

What will I review on Daisi Jo Reviews?

I review products that are useful to women, professionals, fitness junkies, foodies, travelers but not limited to clothing, handbags, accessories, beauty products, health products, home office electronics,  books, food & drinks, hotels, cruises, music, gadgets (I love gadgets!), organic products and handmade items.

I am an upbeat, energetic woman and editor, which is why I never deliver negative reviews. I always provide positive feedback and when necessary, constructive criticism on Daisi Jo Reviews because I want every product to get better!  

Product review turn around time and how to expedite the review process

At any given moment, I have several products waiting to be reviewed I am the sole editor and video blogger of Daisi Jo Reviews; reviews are often published 3-4 weeks out.

If you need/want to expedite the review process due to your  product being seasonal, time sensitive, I require that at least $100 worth of product or a fee of $100 (if you can not send extra samples or giveaway product(s)) and that you offer extra identical products or gift certificates valued at a total of at least $100 for giveaway to lucky readers. The product(s) will be used to send to friends, family and readers.  The product review will be published within 7 days of receiving the product sample(s). 

Please email me with “Expedite Product Review” in the subject line after submitting the form below.  This is not a fee to write or make a video of the product review.  I only charge the fee when I can not review the product in my own timeline which means I am working on the customers time, not my own. The $100 fee is a service fee for expediting the review and does not guarantee an influenced review. 

Clothing reviews: Expedite the review process by sending a woman’s size 2/4. Please email me for shoe and other sizes.

After you fill out the product review submission form below go ahead and mail the sample(s) you would like reviewed.

I try to respond to every product review submission that is emailed/submitted to me whether I will agree to review the product or not.  It may take me some time so please be patient.If there is a timeline for the Product Review, please email me with “Expedite Product Review”

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