On  DJR,  you will find rants and raves about products and services in the categories of beauty, fashion, business, tech, home, fitness, food, hair, travel and books. Our team has tried, worn, and ate everything that is featured on this site.    

Daisi Jo Reviews features  products in all price range from high-end prestige brands to drugstore economy products. We review products that are making waves in the minds of women everywhere - whether we think they are good or bad personally, we don't hold back! We are never persuaded to  write or do a video review that goes against our real experience. DJR features paid placement, advertising and post on occasion. In times when we have received payment from a brand, it will always be disclosed.  

Many of the products we try on this site may not be for everyone. Some of the experiences we share with you on Daisi Jo Reviews may be medical.  For timely site updates, subscribe to Daisi Jo Reviews by email so you never miss a review. 

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Hey Guys!
I' m Daisi! I started Daisi Jo Reviews as a personal beauty blog to express my interests and opinions in products/services I use everyday for work. Like many women, I'm inundated with advertising overload of products claiming to solve my every problem.  I wanted to help dissect to good, bad and the ugly.   When I am working with my team at DJR, I'm busy working on other creative business projects and spending time relaxing at home.  

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