5 Hairbrush Straighteners Tested and Reviewed

So many hairbrush straighteners, so little time and too much hair! Seriously testing out all of these hairbrushes has been a huge task to undertake. So here’s the real question, are there really difference between all of these hairbrush straighteners? Truth be told, there’s very little difference between hairbrush straighteners with in a certain grouping. To be more specific, there’s little to no difference in the 5 hairbrush straighteners that I’ve tested here on Daisi Jo Reviews. Check out my review video of 5 different models of hairbrush straighteners

Chuester Cup Glass Travel Mug Review

This double-walled glass travel mug keeps your drink hot, your hands cool, and the sides condensation free. With a grip and top made of medical grade pyrogenic silicone so it looks great and so you won't drop it, this travel buddy has a transparent design so you can see exactly what's inside - coffee to dark? Add just the right amount of cream!
With a sustainable glass body, this travel mug is chemical free, unlike most plastics, and at 14oz, is just the right size for your morning coffee.

Sundays at Cafe Gratitude

Thriving Soup of the Day

Lately we’ve been heading the Arts District to Cafe Gratitude for brunch that extends into dinner. It’s a really relaxing environment contrasting from our Sunday coffee shop. This week we shared their vegan Samosas, Lentil Soup, and a vegan version of a Soul Food Plate. We finished the meal off with a slice of blueberry pie.


Soul Food of Vegan


Top 3 Bottom 3 | ELF MAKEUP

Hey Guys!

This is my first Top 3 Bottom 3 review series. If you guys like this than I’ll definitely do more from various cosmetic lines and maybe extend into other brands! But for now, lets start with E.L.F. (Eyes, Face, Lips) Cosmetics. E.L.F. has become such an enormous brand over the past few years. It’s really been an amazing journey to watch. I remember buying my first E.L.F. products for $1.00 and having that all so familiar “Not bad, Not bad” head nod. I can’t remember a more impactful drugstore brand since Wet N Wild! E.L.F. has so many great products that cover every skin type and almost every skin tone - which is rare for such a “starter” brand. I’m looking forward to curating more Top/Bottom products from E.L.F. but for now here is my review of E.L.F.’s Top 3 Bottom 3 of the moment!

E.L.F. High Definition Powder in Sheer
In my video, I discuss why I just out right do not like this product. It’s supposed to provide coverage
but instead it clumps my makeup every time. It’s one of those products that can possibly work on a photo shoot with the right mix of other products but I haven’t found a “real life” use case for it that doesn’t make it set in my creases and in some cases create creases that aren’t really there. I want to try this in Shimmer and Corrective Yellow (maybe as a highlight) which will probably look good in a well lit selfie but I just haven’t gotten to it yet. 

E.L.F. Kabuki Brush
This is one of my favorite kabuki brushes to date. Not only do I love the look of it but it’s also very well constructed. The furrell is wide enough to get a good grip without giving me finger cramps. I think the most under-valued highlight about this brush is that the hairs are anti-bacterial. Not all vegan brushes are equal. Some feel like a combination of plastic and other identifiable material. This Taklon brush  is soft and flexible. Over the few months that I’ve been using it, it hasn’t hardened or become stiff - even after a few washes.

E.L.F. Brow Pencil in Neutral Brown
I’m torn between E.L.F.’s precision eyebrow pencil/brush combo and a similar one from NYX that has a pencil at one end and a highlighter at the other.  I love the slimness of the pencil and appreciate being able to depend on the brush when I can’t get to my toothbrush that I’ve turned into my eyebrow brush. I mainly use this pencil in my off-duty time and on weekends but a few times I’ve used on more natural shoots.

E.L.F. Matte Lip Color in Nearly Nude -
This was another product from E.L.F. I wasn’t crazy about. Granted they have 15 shades in this lipstick, I just didn’t like this color. This shade of nude made my lips look ashy and dry. In my video, I made a joke about looking like  Hailey Berry in “Jungle Fever” - not a great joke but you get the image. I have a few other shades in the Matte Lip Color. So hopefully I won’t get the ashy effect in the other shades.

E.L.F. Intense Ink Eyeliner in Blackest Black
I love this ink liner. I love both the ease of being able to maintain control over the tube while applying and the pigment of the black liner. I’ve had few incidents with other E.L.F. liquid liners being dry when I opened them for the first time. So when I purchased this line it had already been quite some time before I purchased the last one. I also found this liner easy to remove. It’s stay power is pretty impressive. It stayed on all day, with no running or smearing. I didn’t even have to refresh. However, I did use a primer and setting powder. So I think that helped keep everything in place. 

Your Search for A Salon Ends Here! |

I’ve been shopping around for a new nail salon because I’ve just been getting bored with my regular places and came across They have over 60 salon listings in my area. Some of them have great discounts only available through the site. Described as your “beauty treasure map”, Every Salon helps you locate salon options in your vicinity whether that be your work, home or on a cross country trip visiting your aunt. 

Typically we stay attached to the salon we select closest to our homes and work. That rings true to me too. I’ve been going to the same nail salon around the corner from my loft for the past 5 years. Every now and then I venture a few blocks to try a new place but I always end up going back to the salon around the corner because it is just so convenient.  Every Salon helps you explore new options in your community like nail and hair salons and barbers. You may even discover a new spa you didn’t know was there. I discovered a few new salons in L.A. that I would like to try out!

EverySalon is ad free so you won’t be inundated with annoying ads. They also offers a neutral platform where professionals and customers can share feedback, praise and ideas. Salon experts can answer your questions about your beauty issues, post job openings, tutorials and so much more. If you haven’y already, check them out at