Makeup Forever Ultra HD Foundation Review

Daisi Jo Reviews Makeup Forever Ultra HD Liquid Foundation (Y405, Golden Honey)

I grew up with the makeup education that no one is ever supposed to see your foundation and I think in most cases this still holds true in everyday life and in some aspects of industry work. Foundations have always been used to create looks and artistic creations for Film and Television. However today, that has expanded to Youtube, Instagram, and even your everyday life. So having a powerful foundation like Makeup Forever Ultra HD Foundation used to be reserved for those who spent their lives in front of the camera. Now it’s reasonable for every girl to have it.

Makeup Forever Ultra HD Foundation is extremely lightweight considering the level of invisible coverage it provides. It’s easy to forget that you’re wearing a foundation. Yet the foundation provides decent coverage even with one layer making it realistic to wear on a daily basis. Like the original formula, the foundation is still oil-free, provides buildable coverage, and is good for day or night makeup looks. 

The new formula, however, is 4K friendly and is packed with amino acid coated pigments, hyaluronic spheres for hydration to plump the skin and Sericite which creates a fine-grained mica that improves microcirculation. Beware, it does not contain sunscreen. It’s best applied with either a beauty blender or a stippling brush. I prefer to use my stippling brush to build coverage and then using my buffing brush to blend around the hairline, ears, and neck. 

I find it to be great for camera work for a very natural look and a full coverage look. Due to the price tag, $43 (MSRP), I prefer not to use it for my day to day makeup but it is great for flawless photos on Instagram. The foundation does dry fast so you need to be quick if you’re planning on building for more coverage. 

The packaging is pretty lightweight, clean and simplistic. I found the box to be rather flimsy but I like that I can toss the foundation bottle in my makeup bag and really not think about it. Several people have complained about the lid popping off but I haven’t had that experience. 

Makeup Forever Ultra HD Liquid Foundation
My main drawbacks are that the foundation pumps out very running. What I learned is that it has to do with the texture and finish of the shade.  I have shades Y405 (Golden Honey), Y445 (Amber), and Y505 (Cognac). Y405 (Golden Honey) is the runniest of the three. Amber (Y445) and Cognac (Y505) have much more of a thicker consistency. There are 40 different shades in the line. Golden Honey (Y405) matches my complexion most accurately but during the summer months, I do need to mix them. Cognac (Y505) is a bit on the darker side so I use it for a natural contoured look. Below is the complexion guide:

MUFE Ultra HD Shades
In my video, I show you how to applied the Makeup Forever Ultra HD Foundation, how to mix shades  (on the skin) and the difference in consistency. You can watch the video here.

You can purchase Makeup Forever Ultra HD Foundation here

How To Reduce Swelling After Wisdom Teeth Surgery Fast!

I seriously have no shame in sharing how terrible my wisdom tooth extraction experience was and how much swelling I had to deal with after the surgery. Before the surgery, I was pretty much anticipating minimal pain and swelling but immediately afterward I knew that was pretty much out of the questions. Being that I knew I would quickly need to get my swelling under control so that I could get back to work and doing the things I love most - running and working out; I had to jump into “urgent mode”. 

Since my surgery, everyone has shared with me their wisdom tooth stories. It really feels like a write of passage. Many people told me how their surgeries were super easy with quick recoveries while others share my experience of a 2-hour surgery followed by stitches and several weeks of recovery.  

Although it took almost 3 weeks for my stitches to dissolve and my gum to heal enough to return to eating solid food, I was able to get the swelling under control rather fast without much over the counter medication. Here’s a list of what I did in order to get my swelling under control in 3 days.

Take Your Medication Religiously
Of course, you’re basically going to take whatever the doctor prescribes to you so there’s not much you can do in terms of speeding up the medication process and side effects besides taking the darn medicine. I personally hate taking swallowing pills and I also don’t like the side effect (outside of getting better of course). My dentist prescribed me the basic wisdom tooth extraction pack: ibuprofen, Vicodin (but I stopped it after the 3rd day, bad dreams, moody), medal dose pack (basically steroids to reduce swelling) and antibiotics. The religiously you follow the dose recommendations, the quicker the whole thing will be over. If you’re still having pain after you run out of prescribed medication, over the counter ibuprofen should help. 

Sleep With Your Head Elevated
I now this is so “Extra” but it works. I learned that sleeping at an elevated angle really helps with swelling when I had reconstructive eye surgery many years ago. I had to sleep sitting up so that the swelling would go down and my wound would heal faster. You can definitely feel the pressure difference between laying flat and laying at an elevated angle. It’s hard but it’s necessary and you can get used to it.   

Iced and Then Heat On Your Face
In most if not all cases, the surgeon will send you home with an ice pack and a spare but you’ll need some extra ice packs to get you through the first 24 hours. After the first 24 hours, switch to a heating pack to further reduce swelling. I found that the heating pad also helped with getting my facial muscles active again.  

Eat Soft, Healthy Foods
This is probably the most challenging step for most people because most likely you have to pry yourself away from your favorite foods but this a situation where you can easily get excessively bloated from eating sugary and salty food combined with taking meds that may also force you to retain water - which sucks! The first 2 days I ate organic baby food. I didn’t have much of an appetite (some times a side effect of medication) so it wasn’t much of a big deal but at least I knew I was getting some good nutrition. For the most part, I skipped the ice cream.  Over the first weekend after my surgery, I indulged once to make me feel better about not being able missing out on all the weekend fun my friends were having. After that weekend I pretty much stuck to Cream of Wheat and some slow cooked red lentil soup

Drink Plenty of Water
Water has always been hard for me but during my wisdom tooth recovery, I had a major break-through. I started drinking  4 liters of water per day. I also kicked my usual daily coffee and green tea. I suppose if you’re not a water drinker you could try some fruit infused water recipes. Just check with your dentist about citrus fruits causing dry socket. 

Promote Blood Flow
After surgery, it’s easy to feel claustrophobic staying the house all day, especially if you’re like me and tend to be a bit active. Since I couldn’t do my usual strenuous workouts such as running, I went on long walks picking routes that have a variety of inclines. I also spent extra time stretching but making sure I didn’t bend my head below my knees for too long - if at all.

So there you have it, all the steps I took to reduce my swelling after having my wisdom tooth extracted. I was back up and active within 5 days. Many people told me that they could tell my face was still swollen after the first 3 days but I think they were just being nice!

What I'm Wearing This Fall! | Allbirds Wool Loungers: REVIEW

Mr. DJR introduced these to me a few months ago which means it was smack dab in the middle of Summer. I was a bit skeptical because it was hot as balls when we committed to buying two pairs of Allbirds but once I wore them for the first time my summer sandals went straight into the closet. Outside of heels and my running shoes, I haven’t worn anything else since. 

Allbirds are these amazing comfy shoes made of merino wool from New Zealand, making them perfect for Fall weather no matter where you are. Allbirds makes two styles of shoes, Loungers and Runners. I have the Loungers in Classic SF Gray! They go with everything - almost. I mean, I haven’t tried wearing them with an evening gown! 

What really won me over was when we were having a heatwave and I was recovering from my wisdom tooth extraction. I was going out for long early morning walks and in place of my running sneakers, I wore my Allbird Loungers. Since the merino wool is lightweight and breathable, the shoes kept my feet cool in the heat. I walked over 10 miles before my feet got tired. I’m looking forward to these also keeping my feet warm as the temperature cools down. Unlike many of my sandals and ballerina flats, the Allbirds are really flexible so I can jump, squat and have a good time without worry about them hurting my feet. 

So far I’ve washed my Allbirds twice and they stayed in tact. Just throw them in the washing machine and let them air dry. The insoles are replaceable and washable too! The only reservation I have is that they pick up dirty pretty easily. That’s mainly because I have light colored gray. Next, I’ll probably get them in a darker color just to have some diversity. 

Allbirds seriously feel like wearing slippers - with style! The Loungers will run you $95 and the replaceable insoles are $25. Currently, Allbirds are mainly available online but look for some of their pop-up locations including their concept store in SF!  

My First Month With

For months I'd been wanting to try either or Hubble for my new contact lenses. About a month ago I finally pulled the trigger. I’ve been on a personal to-do list marathon as of late taking care of the routine medical stuff like going to the dentist, eye doctor, and getting the mandatory checkup. 

In true "Daisi form" (yes I did just refer to myself in third person), I scheduled my eye exam a day after getting my wisdom tooth pulled. Trust me when I say it wasn’t a decision I’m proud of but my experience using Sightbox made me feel better about it.

I originally confirmed my eye exam appointment about a week before I knew I was going to have to have my wisdom tooth pulled. Unbeknownst to me, the surgeon was only available the day before I had my eye exam scheduled and honestly I didn’t want to reschedule with this being my first time booking through Sightbox. The whole situation was a riot but my experience with Sightbox and the Optometrist they sent me to made up for the whole situation.  


In a nutshell, through you can have your eye exam booked, paid for (in advance) and have your contacts delivered to you for a year for a flat monthly super affordable membership of $39.00 ($460/yr). 1-day contact lenses are an additional fee $50 additional per month on top of the $39 monthly fees, ($1,068/yr) #ridiculous but 1-day contacts are expensive everywhere so I’m not necessarily blaming Sightbox for this. Understandably, Sightbox isn’t the cheapest contact lenses online. However, if you want the peace of mind that you're buying a legit product that you’re going to put in your eye and not some back alley knock-off, then it’s worth adding it to your month budget. In my opinion, the handling of scheduling my eye exam alone is worth the price tag. I’m slightly ashamed to say that I’m really bad about knowing when I need to order new contacts AND actually doing it. The idea that I can completely outsource that responsibility means that I’m way less likely to neglect my eyes.

Sightbox doesn't charge extra for people with astigmatism and there’s a discount if more than one person in your household wears contacts. You can also use your own optometrist or you can skip the eye exam if you already have a current prescription. Sightbox carries all of the major brands, is compatible with HSA/FSA accounts and works in all 50 states. 

Brands Sightbox carries includes:

– Acuvue Oasys

– Acuvue Oasys Toric

– Air Optix Aqua

– Air Optix Toric

– Air Optix Colors

– Air Optix Night-Day Aqua

– Biofinity

– Biofinity Toric

– Freshlook ColorBlends

– Proclear

– Ultra

Save $20 by using this link to sign up:

Happy Labor Day! | 2017

We’ve made it through Summer 2017 and I’m sure everyone will agree between record heat waves and hurricanes; a 3 day weekend is well deserved! 

Pictured Above:
White Monikini Once Piece in White -
Red Linen Duster -

I spent a good part of the weekend lounging around the house (if my lavish sprawling photo at the top of this blog post serves as any proof). I think I got a little bit of heat exhaustion from running with friends in 103-degree heat a few days ago so I’ve been taking it easy for the past few days. In place of my usual weekend running, I’ve been experimenting with how to raise my low blood pressure (I'll explain in more detail in an upcoming post), reading and of course, playing in makeup! 
Currently, I’m catching up on James Altucher’s most recent book, “Reinvent Yourself”, a follow-up from “Choose Yourself" and  "Homo Deus” by Yuval Noah Harari which is a follow-up to his book, “Sapiens” which I highly recommend everyone read. Mr. DJR has been catching up on "Black Swan” by Nasim Nicholas Taleb. It’s an older book but I’m  interested to see his takeaways. 

As for my current makeup haul, I’m getting ready to transition my skincare routine and makeup products for Fall. I’ve dumped out my summer beauty bag of go-tos and am reevaluating what’s going to stay for Fall/Winter. Of course, it’s ridiculously hot right now which is clouding my judgment and I’ll probably have to redo this again in a month or so but that’s par for the course living in L.A. this time of year.

Pictured Above:
Lorac Pro To Go -
E.L.F. Mineral Powder Brush -
E.L.F. Pressed Powder -
Shea Moisture Shea Butter Lipsticks -
Chella Eyebrow Cream -
Revlon Colorstay Creme Eyeshadow in Caramel -
Prescribd Facial Mask Kit -

My wisdom tooth situation is much better so I’ve been trying to get back on a regular, more solid eating schedule. I can probably contribute a part of my low blood pressure to lack of proper nutrition. I spent my morning at Backyard Bowls enjoying an avocado toast, a grain bowl, and quinoa porridge. We love the vibe of Backyard Bowls - their bright colors and open airy space. 

Avocado Toast

California Micro Bowl 

Ancient Grains Bowl and Build Your Own Bowl

It’s been a nice break this summer. I’ve taken more time for myself away from work and social obligations than I ever have before. I went into the time off a bit on edge about being out of the modeling scene in addition to not micromanaging the business but it’s been well worth it. In a few weeks I’m off to Hawaii for a work-cation as I slowly ramp up through the Fall but for now, I’m just going to enjoy the next 24 hours of the end of summer holiday!