Sponsored Post: The Best Kept Celebrity Secret! Diva Bra with  Invisible Adhesive Wings!

Today was Groundhogs Day and I don’t know if the the groundhog actually saw his shadow or not and whether the results mean we have many more days, weeks or months left of winter, but I do know that eventually its going to get warmer and I’m going to want to wear a lot less. Which is why I’m featuring the Diva Bra on the Blog today as a very viable alternative to wearing strapless bras with your strappy tank tops, bodycon  and maxi dresses. 

I’m sure you’ve seen similar bras in VS and other brand name stores but what sets the Diva Bra apart is its longevity and wear time. I gave my Diva Bra a full run through and share with you the 3 style they sent me to try out in my review video. They super comfortable and easy to put on and take off. I’m absolutely in love and can’t wait until summertime! Check out my review and let me know what you think in the comments below! 

Do Cellulite Creams Really Work? My Opinion on Earth Essence Cellulite Cream

Truth be told, there’s always a bunch of noise about whether cellulite creams work or not and if there’s one that will reduce the signs of cellulite by giving the skin an ‘airbrush’ appearance.

Yes, moisturizing the skin definitely helps keep skin looking firmer but what about cellulite creams? Is there a magic potion? Earth Essence claims to have the proven cellulite cream that will firm up the body using a serum formulated for shaping and contouring the body.

This cream absorbs quickly and without greasiness. It works on thighs, butt, legs & stomach. Earth Essence contains natural and organic ingredients such as caffeine, reship seed oil, and green tea. It also contains collagen and retinyl palmitate.  
All of the ingredients work together to enhance the skin’s metabolic rate for cell renewal making the skin look young and healthier. Stimulation to the area causes the drainage of liquids and toxins to disperse fat cells.

 Now the real test is whether our not the results are visible! I used it for a few weeks and saw more smoothness of the skin around my hip area. I noticed a difference in the firmness and tone of my  cellulite bumps and dimples.

Did I mention it has nice lavender scent! Check out my more in-depth review video!


Meet Weave, Tinder for the Entrepreneurial Woman

Weave is a location based networking-meets-social-discovery mobile app. Like Tinder, Weave allows you to swipe through profiles for introductions to people you would like to meet. Unlike Tinder, it’s about the hookup and strictly about Business. 

Weave signs you and logs you into the app through your LinkedIn profile and then offers an endless flow of nearby professionals who are also interested in networking and setting up  face-to-face meetings. Both parties can  swipe “yes” or “no”. Weave really simplifies networking. Swipe “yes”, chat and meet!

They've taken networking to a whole other level by automating the process of setting up a place and time to meet.
Traditionally if you want to meet someone is that you ask for a referral or introductions from someone in your network who knows the the person you want to meet or you attend networking events. With Weave and their new product, Concierge, networking and setting up a meeting is automated. For example, lets say you set your networking preferences for the people you want to meet. Then Weave matches you with those people with common interests, setup up the meeting based on their default day and time (Fridays at 10am) and all you do is show up and chat! 

Weave is great for hiring, networking and fundraising. I’ve been using Weave for a few months now and there definitely needs to be more women on the platform. There are plenty of entrepreneurs, recruiters and even investors using the app! Download Weave on iTunes 

TWorlds for iPhone Connects Strangers Around the World by Sharing Intimate Moments

What if there was someone doing the exact same thing as you at the exact same time? Tworlds is an app that attempts to foster intimacy between strangers through
anonymity by sharing a single thought through the lens of your camera.
Similar to social media sharing platforms such as Instagram, Tworlds allows users to share photos of themselves and their everyday lives. However, unlike Instagram, Tworlds breaks away from the curated online environment and its social pressure for ‘likes’ and ‘follows' by deconstructing the photo-sharing concept down to the simplest form- those real and unpolished moments.

Tworld has 26 predetermined theme like #coffee, #selfie, or #smile. When you download Tworlds, you choose a hashtag and that hashtag will facilitate a connection between you and someone else prompting that same hashtag. Once you snap a picture, your photo is instantly connected to an anonymous user image resulting in a photo collage of sorts. Only the persons city and country is ever revealed to you. You can not message this person, tag them or establish any form of communication.  You can’t use images that are in your phone already . The app forces you to peel away the falsehood of filters, perfect lighting and staged poses. You can only use the app to shoot in the moment. The only camera options you get are the flash or focus.

I found the app to be a lot of fun to play with. I posted a few photos with different themes to see who I got paired up with. Interestingly enough, I was even able to get some product placement in the shots which I was only trying to see if there could possibly be a real way for users to monetize their content on the app. I think that since the photos are paired so randomly, it would be extremely difficult. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of users on the app either. When I was using the apps discovery scroll, I saw several of the same paired images over the course of a few days. If you are looking for a break way from the popularity frenzy of Instagram and just want to share your thoughts and intimate moments in a clean and pure way, Towards is worth the space on your phone. It’s a nice escape back to reality where you can see and relate to real people. Worlds is kind of like a message in a bottle thrown out to sea.
You can download Tworlds (iOS) for free. 

DJR LIVE! Holiday Makeup Beauty Questions on YouNow


Yesterday I went back on the air to broadcast live for DJR. This week I answered viewers questions about Holiday Makeup Tips and Looks for the Holidays! I

Check it out! Happy Holidays!