Fashion + Beauty Soirée | LA Fashion Week

LA Fashion Week doesn’t always get the international attention that the other major cities get but in recent years it’s been growing with several shows across the city. DTLA has become the epicenter for a lot of fashion events during fashion week and really all year long. To kick off LA Fashion Week, The Bloc hosted a Fashion + Beauty Soirée. 

Several influencers attended including @sccastaneda, @teananails, @niasanchez, @devanondeck. They also had several Pop-Ups and Giveaways, and complimentary bubbly!

Here are some of the amazing Pop-ups that were there:

BEGLAMMED - Get the full glam squad experience thanks to BeGlammed, its ladies night!

BENEFIT COSMETICS - Need a touch up on your brows? Benefit will be doing complimentary brow shaping and giving out samples.

SMASHBOX - Known for their out-on-the-town looks, get the perfect lip or a smoky eye and trending samples to match. 

NAIL FAIRY- Who doesn't love nail art? Nail Fairy will be treating babes to free nail art (3D lolipops anyone?). 

TINA K STUDIO- Get the 411 on the latest Skin Care merch and sample goodies. 

GLASSWING FLORAL - next to nothin for unique floral crowns and whimsical bouquets...#yesplz

LOVE SWIRLS- first 100 guests receive glow in the dark cotton candy, yea...we went there. #yourwelcome

LIPSOLOGY READINGS - Complimentary lip interpretation readings. Your lips say a lot more than your words and we'll have LA based Lipsology reader telling you all about your fortune. #xoxo

SWEET E'S - complimentary treats to satisfy every sweet tooth craving, cake pops, rice crispy treats, brownies and more. 

I tried the new Smashbox Studio Skin Face Shaping Foundation Stick

This Is #LMxCATT

This was a pretty busy weekend! I recently became an Ambassador to the Women Like Us Foundation and it’s been so intense that I haven’t been able to give it a formal announcement on any of my sites but stay tuned - it’s coming! On Saturday, I attended the LMxCATT launch party for the Jacki bag created by Catt Sadler and Lulu Eschelman benefiting the Women Like Us Foundation. It was a beautiful event hosted at the La Piazza Ristorante at The Grove. I was joined by a few other Ambassadors @jessicarossofficial, @pamelaquinzi and @nadyarousseau 

The Jacki bags are custom, one of a kind exclusive bags made from luxuriously soft peddled leather, gunmetal hardware and lined with soft black microsuede. The special edition Jacki bag was designed  in memory of  Jackline Korinko, a victim of female genital mutilation. 

Fifty percent of all purchases of the Jacki bag will go to support the Women Like Us Foundation. Each Jacki bag features a unique beaded design on each strap that was hand beaded by the girls at The Olmalaika Home in Kenya. With each purchase of this special edition Jacki bag, the funds will go to building a new and improved washroom, new utility sinks and new shower stalls.   

#DJRLive Q&A Session 9 | Daisi Jo Reviews Facebook Live

Have you ever ran to your doctors appointment? That was me today -  I literally ran to my cardiologist appointment just so I could go live on time today.  It almost didn’t happen. I had a doctors appointment scheduled for 10am which cuts it very close to getting seen by the doctor and getting out of there fast enough to get home and press "live" on my channel but I made it - sweat and all!

On today’s live cast, I answer a few more questions for Daisi Jo Reviews readers and viewers.


"Should you just apply sunscreen on the top of your skin, or should you rub it in?” - Angel
As I mentioned in my Facebook Live video, you shouldn’t rub sunscreen into you skin in a vigorous manner like you would if you were trying to scrub something off of your face. Spray on sunscreens don’t need to be rubbed in at all. I only use one  brand of sunscreen, Coola because it’s organic and all natural. 

How can I get rid of pimples and scars from my face? - Tami
If you’re getting scars from picking your pimples than you should stop doing that immediately because it’s damaging your skin. Most of the damage may be short term with the discoloration fading as time passes but picking at your pimples can also cause long term/permanent damage i.e. hyper-pigmentation. In the Facebook Live session, I talk about using bentonite clay masks, ACV (apple cider vinegar) and other all natural remedies for removing dark spots and discoloration.  

What are the best eyeshadow primers for oily and really dark eyelids? - Jina
The purpose of eyeshadow primer is to prevent your eyeshadow from creasing and by extension your concealer too. Another purpose of eyeshadow primer is to enhance and prolong the pigment, true color payoff and intensity of your eyeshadow. Two of my favorite eyeshadow primers are Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion and Too Faced Shadow Insurance Primer

Is there any chance to have a better body after just 3 weeks of workout? - Russ

Yes, but it all depends on where you are starting from. If you haven’t exercised in years than you’ll probably see some immediate results. If you’ve been active but feel like your results have kind of plateaued, than you most likely won’t see results unless you change your workout - in which you may see results within 3 weeks. In some cases the more fit you are, the more complex it is to see physical changes beyond your base level. 

Why am I suddenly feeling lightheaded during my weightlifting workout? -Barbara
A few reason that you’re experiencing lightheaded  could be from low blood sugar because you’re burning through glycogen, dehydration because working out causes you to loose water through perspiration and/or mineral loose such as sodium. When you sweat you loose sodium in addition to water lose.

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Makeup Forever Ultra HD Foundation Review

Daisi Jo Reviews Makeup Forever Ultra HD Liquid Foundation (Y405, Golden Honey)

I grew up with the makeup education that no one is ever supposed to see your foundation and I think in most cases this still holds true in everyday life and in some aspects of industry work. Foundations have always been used to create looks and artistic creations for Film and Television. However today, that has expanded to Youtube, Instagram, and even your everyday life. So having a powerful foundation like Makeup Forever Ultra HD Foundation used to be reserved for those who spent their lives in front of the camera. Now it’s reasonable for every girl to have it.

Makeup Forever Ultra HD Foundation is extremely lightweight considering the level of invisible coverage it provides. It’s easy to forget that you’re wearing a foundation. Yet the foundation provides decent coverage even with one layer making it realistic to wear on a daily basis. Like the original formula, the foundation is still oil-free, provides buildable coverage, and is good for day or night makeup looks. 

The new formula, however, is 4K friendly and is packed with amino acid coated pigments, hyaluronic spheres for hydration to plump the skin and Sericite which creates a fine-grained mica that improves microcirculation. Beware, it does not contain sunscreen. It’s best applied with either a beauty blender or a stippling brush. I prefer to use my stippling brush to build coverage and then using my buffing brush to blend around the hairline, ears, and neck. 

I find it to be great for camera work for a very natural look and a full coverage look. Due to the price tag, $43 (MSRP), I prefer not to use it for my day to day makeup but it is great for flawless photos on Instagram. The foundation does dry fast so you need to be quick if you’re planning on building for more coverage. 

The packaging is pretty lightweight, clean and simplistic. I found the box to be rather flimsy but I like that I can toss the foundation bottle in my makeup bag and really not think about it. Several people have complained about the lid popping off but I haven’t had that experience. 

Makeup Forever Ultra HD Liquid Foundation
My main drawbacks are that the foundation pumps out very running. What I learned is that it has to do with the texture and finish of the shade.  I have shades Y405 (Golden Honey), Y445 (Amber), and Y505 (Cognac). Y405 (Golden Honey) is the runniest of the three. Amber (Y445) and Cognac (Y505) have much more of a thicker consistency. There are 40 different shades in the line. Golden Honey (Y405) matches my complexion most accurately but during the summer months, I do need to mix them. Cognac (Y505) is a bit on the darker side so I use it for a natural contoured look. Below is the complexion guide:

MUFE Ultra HD Shades
In my video, I show you how to applied the Makeup Forever Ultra HD Foundation, how to mix shades  (on the skin) and the difference in consistency. You can watch the video here.

You can purchase Makeup Forever Ultra HD Foundation here

How To Reduce Swelling After Wisdom Teeth Surgery Fast!

I seriously have no shame in sharing how terrible my wisdom tooth extraction experience was and how much swelling I had to deal with after the surgery. Before the surgery, I was pretty much anticipating minimal pain and swelling but immediately afterward I knew that was pretty much out of the questions. Being that I knew I would quickly need to get my swelling under control so that I could get back to work and doing the things I love most - running and working out; I had to jump into “urgent mode”. 

Since my surgery, everyone has shared with me their wisdom tooth stories. It really feels like a write of passage. Many people told me how their surgeries were super easy with quick recoveries while others share my experience of a 2-hour surgery followed by stitches and several weeks of recovery.  

Although it took almost 3 weeks for my stitches to dissolve and my gum to heal enough to return to eating solid food, I was able to get the swelling under control rather fast without much over the counter medication. Here’s a list of what I did in order to get my swelling under control in 3 days.

Take Your Medication Religiously
Of course, you’re basically going to take whatever the doctor prescribes to you so there’s not much you can do in terms of speeding up the medication process and side effects besides taking the darn medicine. I personally hate taking swallowing pills and I also don’t like the side effect (outside of getting better of course). My dentist prescribed me the basic wisdom tooth extraction pack: ibuprofen, Vicodin (but I stopped it after the 3rd day, bad dreams, moody), medal dose pack (basically steroids to reduce swelling) and antibiotics. The religiously you follow the dose recommendations, the quicker the whole thing will be over. If you’re still having pain after you run out of prescribed medication, over the counter ibuprofen should help. 

Sleep With Your Head Elevated
I now this is so “Extra” but it works. I learned that sleeping at an elevated angle really helps with swelling when I had reconstructive eye surgery many years ago. I had to sleep sitting up so that the swelling would go down and my wound would heal faster. You can definitely feel the pressure difference between laying flat and laying at an elevated angle. It’s hard but it’s necessary and you can get used to it.   

Iced and Then Heat On Your Face
In most if not all cases, the surgeon will send you home with an ice pack and a spare but you’ll need some extra ice packs to get you through the first 24 hours. After the first 24 hours, switch to a heating pack to further reduce swelling. I found that the heating pad also helped with getting my facial muscles active again.  

Eat Soft, Healthy Foods
This is probably the most challenging step for most people because most likely you have to pry yourself away from your favorite foods but this a situation where you can easily get excessively bloated from eating sugary and salty food combined with taking meds that may also force you to retain water - which sucks! The first 2 days I ate organic baby food. I didn’t have much of an appetite (some times a side effect of medication) so it wasn’t much of a big deal but at least I knew I was getting some good nutrition. For the most part, I skipped the ice cream.  Over the first weekend after my surgery, I indulged once to make me feel better about not being able missing out on all the weekend fun my friends were having. After that weekend I pretty much stuck to Cream of Wheat and some slow cooked red lentil soup

Drink Plenty of Water
Water has always been hard for me but during my wisdom tooth recovery, I had a major break-through. I started drinking  4 liters of water per day. I also kicked my usual daily coffee and green tea. I suppose if you’re not a water drinker you could try some fruit infused water recipes. Just check with your dentist about citrus fruits causing dry socket. 

Promote Blood Flow
After surgery, it’s easy to feel claustrophobic staying the house all day, especially if you’re like me and tend to be a bit active. Since I couldn’t do my usual strenuous workouts such as running, I went on long walks picking routes that have a variety of inclines. I also spent extra time stretching but making sure I didn’t bend my head below my knees for too long - if at all.

So there you have it, all the steps I took to reduce my swelling after having my wisdom tooth extracted. I was back up and active within 5 days. Many people told me that they could tell my face was still swollen after the first 3 days but I think they were just being nice!